More Than "Just" A Bag.

Buyu Collection Safari Travel duffel

The word Buyu translates from kiswahili into english to mean vessel: (One that carries).

We strongly believe that women hold the potential in further developing the continent and commercializing this ancient traditional technique is a sustainable way to do that.

Buyu endeavors to support the local communities and safeguards the ancient endangered weaving culture & style by re-purposing this traditional craft to help it reach new and broader international markets.

The mothers and daughters who we employ in Kenya are the engine that drives our brand. Their socio-economic development is extremely important to us. Not only do we view this as an opportunity to expose the rest of the world to their craftsmanship; we are invested in developing their business and financial literacy through capacity training, helping them to better manage their own businesses.

The skill and development and sustainable wages we supply will help to support their children and family, ultimately stimulating the local economy. 

We believe in the potential of Africa, because by increasing Africa’s share in the world trade by a mere 1 % could generate US 246 billion - twice than what Africa received in Aid in 2009. 

In short : how we measure success and at the core of our business model is a strong focus on People, Planet and Profit. We are committed to long lasting sustainable impact.


Carry on Impact.