It takes a village.

Buyu Collection Kyuso weaversThe 6-hour journey to Kyuso, including a 3-hour bumpy stretch, is made worthwhile by the smiles that greet you upon arrival.

BUYU is built with the purpose of ‘reigniting dignity through pure craftsmanship.’

BUYU is excited to share our collection of these unique one-of-kind travel accessories in very exclusive limited quantities, Our first collection is aptly named "Kyuso" in honor of the location of the women in Kenya we work with to bring you this specialized weaving skill and fiber, a very first in the travel accessory world. 

Promoting environmental sustainability, utilizing hand woven unique innovative renewable fabric from the bark of the Baobab tree. We are currently collaborating with an amazing cooperative group of 30 women In Kyuso, Mwingi Kenya, to source this core fiber as well as foster an inclusive supply chain model that will have a long lasting social impact on the Kamba community.

Buyu Collection Board meeting

These artisans are the ‘seed’ with which we have sown our brand. The development and sustainable wages we provide will be the vessel which will allow them to flourish and their communities grow.

Helping them continue to work in their original environment, earn a living and keep their cultural traditions alive.  


Carry on Hope.