No two life journeys are alike.


At BUYU we belief that travel embodies multiple characters taken from each location and purpose, unfortunately the nature of the synthetic mass produced luggage industry has striped the traveller of any unique variant identity. Formed with this desire to offer a difference, we embarked on a journey with the belief that this vibrant idea is possible. Just like people and journeys, no two BUYU bags are alike. At BUYU we specialize in unique, timeless travel accessories, with consummate richness and human touch.


We utilize renewable Baobab fibre meticulously handwoven by female artisans in Kenya - an age-old skill passed down from mother to daughter then fused with high quality tanned leather by expert craftsmen in the USA. We design with the bold, discerning and conscious traveller in mind, someone who is authentic to his or her own spirit and seeks to change the world around them. All of our products are one-of-a kind, with each pattern telling the unique tale of the person who produced it, making each bag an original creation. No two bags duplicate any other in form lines or color.


BUYU's pilot program currently consists of 30 women in rural Kenya who produce the raw baskets. By re-purposing this traditional craft, the BUYU seeks to elevate the work of the artisans to new markets and preserve Kenya’s ancient and endangered weaving culture.


BUYU is Kiswahili for ‘Vessel or gourd’, it reflects BUYU’s key aims of preservation and sustainability.



Carry on Different.